Captain Elise, Girl Miniature Boat Builder & Creator of Dreams. 

Ahoy Palloy ye landlubbers, step aboard and set the sails.
On Miniature Boats built on the Coal Coast, we'll calm the oceans and gales. Birch, Beech, Copper and Brass, she's built them all with love and care. Every piece of shaped timber, every rivet, gliding through sea and air.
So close your eyes and dare to dream as we sail out to open water,
Far from life's hardships and toil, far away from hurt and slaughter. We'll fight those mythical monsters, and sirens of the deep. Captain Elise creating the adventure, creating dreams for us to keep.
When the last salt sprays abate, the seas sit flat and calm.
She'll sail into some hidden cove, away from peril and harm.
Walk along the endless beach, dream but dare not sleep.
For you have sailed the oceans wide, on board with Captain Elise.
Many more adventures are waiting at the Shore,
Just close your eyes and take that step, aboard the miniature boats galore..

Poem by Maldwyn Lewis

Elise Cameron-Smith began 2015 dedicated to crafting whimsical wooden treasures to share with the world. Dancing between titles of Sculptor, Miniature Boat Builder, and Furniture Maker, she works primarily in timber creating dreamy ocean inspired pieces, made to spark the adventurer in all of us.

After 2 and a half years of dedicated Design studies at the Enmore Design Centre, Elise enrolled herself in a 1 year intensive Fine Furniture Making course at the Sturt Craft Centre in The Southern Highlands in 2012. Upon entry she was awarded the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Bursary for her dedication. On completion of her studies she was awarded the Craft ACT Emerging Artist Award and was invited to exhibit her work at their 'Living in Design' exhibition the following year. In 2014, Elise then began a 1 year traineeship with Leon Sadubin, one of Australia's best Furniture Designer and Makers with over 30 years of experience and also worked for legendary Sculptor John Van Der Kolk.

In the beginning 2015, Elise began her solo voyage as an artist, craftswoman and maker. In her first year of trade she has been featured in Frankie, Donna Hay, Yen, Home Beautiful, The Captain & Real Living Magazine, and has sold her wares not only across Australia, but as far afield as Brazil, The Bahamas, Singapore & America.